Fried Litti and Chokha Recipe

friedlitti chokha
Fried Litti and Chokha
The way to make authentic  Litti and Chokha is very unique and different where Litti is baked or roasted over cow dung cake which in known as (Goitha) or (Gobar Upla)  in the local languages or in coal. This cuisine is famous in Bihar, Jharkhnd, parts of Eastern Utter Pradesh aswell as Nepelese state of Madhesh.
But here i'm sharing the recipe of Fried Litti and Chokha. All process is similar and simple but here we fry our Litti in place of roasting or baking  it on coal or cow dung cake. It is not possible to get cow dung cake or coal easily in any market so i thought to make it convenient and simple for the people who love Litti and Chokha, so that they can easily prepare it at home.
Here I'm sharing the ingredient and process of preparing Litti and Chokha separately to make it understand and to make it simple and easy.


For Litti

  • Whole Wheat Flour                                              1/2 kg
  • Sattu (Roasted chickpea or Gram flour)             250gm
  • Refine Oil                                                              300gm
  • Onion                                                                     1
  • Garlic                                                                     5 or 6 Pieces
  • Ginger                                                                    1 inch
  • Green Chilly                                                          6 or 7 Pieces  
  • Salt                                                                         As per taste
  • Mustard Oil                                                           2 to 3 Spoon
  • Ajwain/Trachyspermum ammi/Carom                  1 Small Spoon
  • Mango Pickle                                                         1 Small Spoon
  • Lemon (optionl)                                                      1

For Chokha

  • Potato                                                                    3 to 4 big size
  • Tomato                                                                  3 big size
  • Brinjal/Eggplant                                                    2
  • Dry Red Chilly                                                      2
  • Coriander Leaves          
  • Salt                                                                        As per taste
  • Mustard Oil                                                           2 to 4 spoon 
Let's start with preparing Litti first then we will start preparing Chokha step by step.  



  1. Make a soft dough from whole wheat flour by adding 1 pinch of salt and 3 to 4 big spoon of refine oil.  
  2. Chop down onion, garlic, ginger, and green chilly nicely.
  3. For suffing or mixture, Add all choped stuff ( onion, garlic, giger, green chilly) into sattu with ajwain, 2 small spoon of mustard oil and mango pickle ( we can squeeze half lemon if there is no mango pickle)  and mix it well.
  4. Make a small ball from the dough and fattern it with the help of palm so that we can fill our stuffing or mixture,
  5. Now fill the stuffing and seal it nicely and press it gently to fattern it again as shown in the video.
  6. Fry it on pre heated refine oil on medium flame till it become brown.


  1. Boil the potato.
  2. Roast the eggplant and tomato nicely so that we can peel off its outer layer. Once it get done clean it with water and peel off the layer.
  3. Now heat the 2 spoon mustard oil and dry red chilly till it become slightly black.
  4. Make potato, eggplant, tomato ready on a bowl,
  5.  Add heated mustard oil and dry red chilly with salt (as per taste) and coriander leaves.
  6. Now mash it all together either with clean hand or with masher as shown in video.

Now we are ready to serve our Litti and Chokha. We can have Litti and chokha with any pickle or with spicy chutney.

Litti and chokha
fried litti with chokha

Note: Above mentioned quantity is for 2 to 3 person depends how much you prefer to eat. You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your requirement.

Mayank Thapa



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